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Why we are here

The death of a close friend or relative is a time of great sadness for a family.

For children this can be a confusing and distressing time.  There may be unanswered questions about what has happened and the grief of other family members may cause added stress making it hard for the child to talk about their feelings.

We are here to help and support a bereaved child.

Our service is non-denominational and our volunteering team includes professionals from a variety of backgrounds, all with a passion for supporting bereaved young people.

How we started

The Crocus Group began in November 1995 with a special Service of Remembering at Raigmore Hospital Chapel.

A number of parents also attended a meeting in January 1996 where they shared the experience of having lost a child.  For many of those it was a relief to know that others felt the same as they did.

In 1999 the Crocus Child Bereavement Group was formed by professionals who identified that there was little support available for bereaved children in the Highlands.  Through supporting the child, benefits can be felt by the whole family.

Who we are

The Group was formed to provide emotional support through peer group sessions for bereaved children.  Crocus supports and empowers young people to manage their own grief rather than using a counselling approach.

Hannah Lind – Service Manager


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